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Team-Mada hires and hosts employees and contractors for international companies and ngos. We cover full payroll, benefits, taxes, insurances, social contributions and compliance for businesses and activities, from small to medium sized operations. We onboard well-versed and multicultural individuals in order to meet the worldwide requirements.

We adapt ourselves to the clients environment and make things and events happen!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing,Setting up a Business or Extending Trades and Exchanges Oversea is not an easy decision for Company Leaders but with a Local Partner, it can be driven and scaled up progressively for it to be successfull!

Yes, within our structure we can onboard dedicated team and staff for you. * with the condition that your turnover (market share) is not made in-country

Yes, we are in-country and we are able to provide ample data before you start

Yes, we make sure, together, we are!

Applicable from January 2023, the minimum salary in Madagascar is 238,800 MGA per month

For workers/employees on monthly basis, the payroll is once a month with optional mid-month advance

Salaries and wages should be paid in Ariary (MGA - Malagasy Ariary) and to a local bank account

For the installment above 600,000 Ar, the tax rate is 20%. For installment 500,000 Ar - 600,000 Ar, 15%. For the installment 400,000 Ar - 500,000 Ar, 10%. For the installment 350,000 Ar - 400,000 Ar, 5%. For the installment 0 Ar - 350,000 Ar, 0%.

for the calculation of social charges, the salary is capped at 8 times the minimum salary
CNAPS retirement: salary share: 1% of gross salary - employer's share: 13% of gross salary
OSTIE Health: salary share: 1% of gross salary - employer's share: 5% of gross salary
FMFP professional training: salary share: 0% of gross salary - employer's share: 1% of gross salary

Companies offer mainly health insurance to the employee and his family members and 13th month salary

01 January - New Year's Day, 29 March - Martyrs' Day, Easter Monday, Eid al-Fitr, 01 May - Labour Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, 26 June - Independence Day, Eid al-Adha, 15 August - Assumption of Mary, 01 November - All Saints' Day, 25 December - Christmas Day. (12 days)

Offered Positions

Find easily the skilled candidate adapted to your specific need

  • All
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Assistant/Secretarial
  • Local Agent

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Keep in touch permanently with your clients, Provide information about products and Services, Orders follow up Management, Handle claims and after-sales services with accuracy and efficiency

Accountant and Bookkeeper (A&B)

Strengthen Companies and Ngos Financial Department and Manager. Handle the Outsourced Financial Transactions and Financial Reports. Record Operations of purchases, expenses, sales revenue, invoices and payments and Maintain ledgers in CRM

Back Office Officer/Executive (BOE)

All Outsourced Administrative duties and Tasks that can support the staff working in the front office and do research, data analysis, and basic accounting functions. Interact with any department behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the company

Quality Assurance and Quality Checker Executive (QA QC)

Export Processing Zone (EPZ) as Manufacturing Companies or as Services Providers need QA/QC involved during the initial phase of the production up to the despatch of finished goods and the receipt of services. The Quality should meet the consumer expectations

Sales and Marketing Representative (SMR)

Put in place the marketing action plan, Communicate sales objectives, Monitor retailers and warehouses, Digital/E-Commerce/Online Merchandising, Product promotion, Advertising campaign

Payables and Receivables Management (PRM)

On time and Accurate Management of the Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables, Proper schedule of payments of received goods and performed services which is the basis of company's credibility. Monitoring/Recall Income Payment from clients in order to balance the Cashflow

Online Virtual Assistant (OVA)

Scheduling appointments, Making Phone Calls, Making Travel Arrangements, and Managing Email Accounts, Manage Social Networks, Data Entry, Proofreading and Transcription, Recruitment assistance, Powerpoint Presentations. In Full-time, Part-time or Temporary, As Employee or Freelance

Legal Representative (LR)

Legally appointed to represent and defend the interests of the business. Sign for your company. Acquire rights and make limited commitments in the Company's name. Hold official documents and contracts. The LR will be the guardian, trustee and committee of the company or ngo in-Country

In-Country Brand Ambassador (CBA)

Keep the product present in-Country! A professional who promotes a Company or Product in order to increase Brand awareness, Strategizing Showroom displays, and Monitoring Sales Reports

Procurement Officer (PO)

Sourcing, Negotiating and Planning, Request for Quotation (RFQ) Management, Update of Supplier and Vendor Database, Managing the day-to-day operation of purchasing and submitting payment for goods and services

Data Analyst (DA)

Gather and Interpret data in order to solve a specific problem or to respond to a specific question. Analyze data that can be used to improve business decisions. Providing Effective communication of findings. Data analysts typically have a strong background in mathematics and computer science.

Driver Conveyor / Special Agent (DC/SA)

Responsible for delivering packages and documents for various institutions, businesses, ngos, government agencies, and individuals Typically using their own van or provided. May use a bicycle, motorbike, cargo bike, automobile or any other transport mean

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Our Services

The team aims to ensure 100% compliance with local laws and legislations and keep each and every partner updated for any changes. The team welcomes all the expatriates and the local employees working together in order to produce a tangible and measurable result. Our Services listed below are real Solutions to companies and ngos for their mid or long term projects in Madagascar

Payroll Services Madagascar

Process Payroll Calculations, payroll tax statements, Monthly, Quarterely, Yearly taxes, Employee and Employer contributions, handling of deposits and withdrawals for your employees, Expenses reimbursment, Insurance handling, reporting

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Employer of Record (EOR)

Team-Mada is the legal employer of your workers and handle all aspects of compliance from the onboarding to the termination. Handling the employment contract. Processing payroll. Filing employer social contributions. Filing employee taxes

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Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

As a co-employer Team-Mada provides real engagement for your business. Our PEO services will allow you to outsource important HR functions. We take some important responsibilities and add real value to your business and enhance your bottom line

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Employee and Contractor Recruitment

Short-term, mid-term, long-term assignment? Hire an employee or a contractor? Let us help you with quicker hiring and onboarding. We source, we screen, we interview. We handle the short-listing process and you decide the right people for your organization.

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Contractor Solutions

As Employer of record, Team-Mada enables a quick setup of in-Country local team. Hire a contractor on definite period basis will be a key to set up the first implementation and test the market with low cost. The next step will be to host employees through our EOR permanently

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HR Consulting

We are HR professional and we work with experts to strategically direct a successfull business together with your HR Manager. We know the people and the environment, We know the codes and the laws and we put all these on your table through our HR Consulting Services

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They entrust us with missions and are satisfied!

Luke Money


We are in good hands with Team-Mada. The team gives more than expected for us with its entire focus to all our needs. Team-Mada makes the outsourcing project in madagascar a real success

Esther Wagura

Dlight Design

Setting up a commercial team in a country needs definitely the help of a local provider in order to ease the process. We are Thankfull to the Team-Mada for their continuous support

Amber Morris


We support NGOs worldwide. The HR and Payroll is a keypoint to all projects. We have Mirana Salam of Team-Mada to keep us updated with all changes in the labor laws in Madagascar

Nick Maina

Independant Consultant

We always refer to Team-Mada for our setup of outsourced project in Madagascar and especially for the recruitment process, communication channel and administration representation

John Larson

Second-hand reseller

We outsource 90% of our activities. HR, Sales and Customer Services, Finance. We rely on Team-Mada Services since 2019. We have net increase of numbers and indicators every year

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